Sus­tain­able teams start with incred­i­ble project leads

Aloha, I'm Kathleen, a project and program manager with experiences in various industries. I have a strong affinity with business needs and combine it with a strong technical knowledge that makes me a “facilitator” between business and IT. I truly am passionate about Agile/SCRUM methodologies and have practiced this within several successful digital project teams.

“It takes a lot of individuals working in synergy to bring a project to life and Kathleen is extremely skilled at bringing clients, contractors and other stakeholders together around a common goal.”

Core Values and Beliefs

A belief in an eth­i­cal tech­no­log­i­cal future

Fun­da­men­tal­ly, I believe that soft­ware can solve incred­i­bly big and com­plex prob­lems, but in order to do that, high­ly intu­itive, adap­tive lead­ers need to run those teams, so they can stay focused on build­ing things our world actu­al­ly needs. Good processes ele­vate our indus­try and good peo­ple enable us to solve prob­lems that mat­ter. We need more of both.

Sup­porting community

I see a dig­i­tal com­mu­ni­ty that is getting stronger and are doing whatever it takes to decrease silos and bar­ri­ers for peo­ple who are interested in doing cre­ative work togeth­er.


I love to collaborate on projects with others. While I have a good eye for design and love collaborating on the design phase, I am not a graphic designer and do not want to be one. Just like I know I’m great at what I do, I like working with professionals that are the best at their job. I mean, you may like accounting but unless that’s what you do for a living, you probably still hire an accountant to do your taxes, right?

As a project manager I try to understand all the pieces for the project: design elements, layout, content, SEO, automation, functionality, integration, and more. I know the right questions to ask and how to get everyone working on their part of the project so it all comes together.

I believe in "Keep Learning and Experimenting"

I invest in self-learning and training, and I dedicate significant time to scouring the web for resources For me, it includes teaching myself Agile methodologies like Scrum. Initially, my skills were self-taught and provided value to clients. I am months away from my PMP Certification from the University of Honolulu (est May, 2020).

One of the values my father taught me is “Continuous Improvement.” We never stop experimenting and learning—particularly around process (from sales through product dev).

Intermediate and Advanced Skills

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